From developing innovative strategies to delivering results, we provide universal marketing solutions for marketing projects and create unique experiences for our clients.

Marketing Impact Solutions provided comprehensive services by managing Marketing Projects with in-house team, highly experienced in every facet of pre-event planning and production, on-site coordination, and post-event administration. Our uniqueness is using the right blend of technology and expertise.

MIS has produced many memorable test drives and roadshows, both in Saudi Arabia & the UAE. Our skillful project managers and operational staff draw on their years of experience to create extraordinary, absorbing, and highly engaging events, making them unforgettable.


We always aim to deliver compelling advertising campaigns to reach marketing objectives and touch consumers’ lives, regardless of the platform. Whether the client was trying to gain new consumers, improve brand awareness or increase sales, we have done it all using offline and online advertising mediums.

Below are some of our most high profile and prestigious projects, which we have had the privilege of conceiving and delivering in both Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

We help by Manage Social Media Projects